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Reading Insurance Card

Reading information from Insurance Cards is a problem of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Japanese Words. In order to read the 3 information from Insurance Card, Deep Learning approach is used. In details, we use Tesseract engine to read all information from the card and then employ some combination/ modification features to improve the recognition results. The improvement is basically based on “try and improve” process based on real data that we collected from Internet. • Categorial information (for example, MNIST: 0-9) should follow a categorical distribution: 𝑐1∼𝐶𝑎𝑡 (𝐾=10, 𝑝=0.1) • Shape information (rotation, width) should follow a uniform distribution, for example: 𝑐2, 𝑐3∼𝑈𝑛𝑖𝑓 (−1,1)

Rubber Stamp Removal

The project aims to develop an engine that can automatically detect & remove rubber stamp from scanned/captured document images.. There are many challenging that we have to cope with in this project. For example, no any standards for rubbers so far (e.g. the variety of rubber shapes, colors) or especially dealing with both scanned and captured images are also a big challenging. After trying several methods and considering between two important metrics (accuracy and performance), we finally deployed YOLOv3 for object detection step and making use of K-means scikit-learn and OpenCV for output generation.



F-Net - Our customer has been released their product to the World

I would like to introduce the new service that our customer released recently to everyone. We have been supporting them to develop the system.


Internship (Mobile Engineer Fresher)

Students of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology graduating in 2021 or 2022


Software Development in Vietnam 2020 - An Overview

Vietnam is already a popular software outsourcing destination. The 2019 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index rated Vietnam as the 5th most attractive outsourcing location in the world.