Funeral Service Project Introduction

Thursday, March 10, 2022

1. Project Overview

Customer:Japanese Customer

• This customer is one of the big name and reputable companies in the field of Funeral Service in Kanto Area, Japan.

• They have many proactive ideas with the mindset to provide a high quality but cheaper service that can reduce the labor effort in Japan.

The reason to work with an offshore company:

• They had an experience on order system development from a Japanese domestic IT company. 

• However, that was a failure to them in terms of the price, quality of the output product and communication issues.

Since they got to know a company named “HELIGATE”, who has a subsidiary “HELIGATE JAPAN” in Tokyo, Japan and do offshore development in Hanoi, Vietnam with many staffs who are proficient in Japanese, the customer decided to try.

Project Scope:

• To develop a Management System and a Booking system for all types of Funeral in Japan.

• Because this is a Non-IT customer, they entrust Heligate JSC with the whole development work for this system.

• In details, the work contains full-flow development of 2 systems: “ Booking system” and “Automatic Order system”:

☉ UI/UX Design

☉ Research the business flow of Funeral of all religions in Japan

☉ Develop both Web and Mobile (Android – iOS) version

Duration:Started from 2019/02 ~ now

Project size: 12 people(Long term Lab contract)

2. Brief of a Typical Funeral Organizing flow in Japan

• Japan is a country with quite many religions and each religion has it’s own funeral ceremony and the organizing flow is also various.

• To complete a funeral it takes several days with a lot of preparation.

• Originally, order for a funeral service in Japan is mainly on phone. 

• While this is a specific job and the labor in Japan is decreasing, customer thought it needs to have another method to order for funeral service and this system which suppose to launch in Japan first could make a trend.

3. UI/UX Design

• With the collaboration of our experienced designer team and some professional design consultant in the field, the final design for both Web and Mobile was chosen after GO-LIVE.

• This is considered to be an elegant, modern design which is user-friendly. The customer was very satisfied with it.

4. Development

• We developed all system which includes Web and Mobile Application for Management Web (Admin) and for User and the Management Web and Mobile application for Funeral Service Contractors.

• In order to do development, the business analysis was supported by the customer, meanwhile, our Business Analysist team also does a perfect job to study all the Funeral Service Flow in Japan, draw mock-ups and even consult back to the customer. 

5. Technology

• Android – Kotlin 

• iOS - Swift

• Google Map、Google Map Play API

• Firebase Real time database

• Japan GMO Payment

• Restful Web Service

• AR Technology 

6. Functions Structure

7. Prosperity of the system

• There are still few companies in Japan using technology or online business method in the field of Funeral Service.

• There is a large number of Funeral Service companies in Japan, and there are many Service Demo events held annually within this community.

• The “Booking system” that was developed could be customized to use for many other services such as Hotel Booking, Meeting Rooms Booking, Rental Car Booking, Wedding Service or Food Order Service; ect…

• This system is different to other Funeral Service system that is existing in Japan as of the integration of AR into the application for Funeral goods arrangement in a 3D area.

8. The factors that Heligate satisfied the customer

Thorough Requirement Analysis & High level Proposal Capability

• When the project is going on, there are many change requirements or new ideas happens, our project team face it with a very serious approach, and always try to submit the best proposal to the customer based on careful analysis of advantages & disadvantages of each change requirement.

High commitment and Keep Deadline

• Our project team understand that it is very important to keep any commitment regarding the work and deadline with the customer. We satisfy the customer with the flexibility of human resources addition or great effort working overtime when needed.

Try best to meet nearly 100% of the customer’s expectation

• At every phase of the development process, from requirements, mock up, design, development and test, we always interact with the customer by many means of communication in order to make our result closest to the customer’s requirement and expectation.

Young project members who always work with over 100% of their energy

 • All project members were well-trained of Japanese Business Manner. 

 • They understand the importance of following work process to make a high quality service.

 • The Business Analysis team make the customer surprise with the deep understanding of the service flow by making details documents.

 •  The Developers always study new technology to help the customer utilize their cost and time.

 • The Tester team always think out a lot of Test View Points with the slogan never release a product with bugs or defects.

9. Conclusion

• The customer is looking forward to launching their product soon and pushing up marketing activities. Thus, we can continue to provide marketing solution such as S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) and Listing Advertising, which is also our strength.

• After the first launch in Japan, that is a strategy of the customer to expand their market to North America, Eastern Europe and other Asian Countries. It is not only a chance for us to continue the system customization but also to be a system sale agency.

• Upon this system development, we can not only show our performance but also skill up and level up a lot.

• Please refer below link for the high evaluation of Heligate’s service by an interview of customer’s CEO:



F-Net - Our customer has been released their product to the World

I would like to introduce the new service that our customer released recently to everyone. We have been supporting them to develop the system.


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